Cryptocurrency Broker "Turnkey"

We are one of the first who has launched a "turnkey" solution for the cryptocurrency broker. The main characteristic of a cryptocurrency broker is a marginal trading on cryptocurrencies.

We provide the full range of products and services, which are necessary to create a cryptocurrency broker from scratch, also we can supply your business with the individual components: we will help you in creating a legal framework, provide various platforms for your choice, give you access to cryptoliquidity.

We select the most proven and technological cryptocurrencies, which are in high demand on the market

We aggregate the cryptocurrency liquidity from the five largest cryptocurrency exchanges, thus providing a deep depth of anonymous liquidity. Therefore, the broker receives the best prices on the principle of BBO (best bid offer), from which it is possible to set own markup.

No swamps for marginal trading allows you to keep the cryptocurrency as long as you want. In fact, this means a physical purchase which instant buyback. Commission is paid only once upon purchase.

For marginal trading, we provide leverage of 1 : 3. However, a broker can offer own customers any leverage of own choice.

Bidding is conducted around the clock, without days off and without holidays. This opens up unlimited opportunities for work and earn 24/7.

Clients can buy cryptocurrency on the exchange, or in broker's personal trader's room. We have integrated the exchanger function into personal trader's room, which allows broker to act as a single exchanger center for fiat and crypto currency for customers, as well as accept and send deposits in any foreign currency.

It is possible to nominate accounts in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in MT5, there are eight decimal places in the symbol settings for the correct quotation of cryptocurrency.


LICENSE. For marginal trading, any brokerage or dealer license is appropriate

Cost: In unregulated, offshore and regulated jurisdictions, the price depends on the jurisdiction and starts from $8,000.

TRADING PLATFORM: MT5 FOR MARGINAL TRADING. There are two options for using the trading platform.

1. Purchase of a trading server
There will be additional costs for maintenance and hosting.

COST OF THE SERVER: $75.000 (one time payment);
$2.000 per month;
MOBILE AND WEB TERMINAL SUPPORT: $1.500 per month for each product (optional solution)

2. WhiteLabel MT5 (server rent)
COST: $6.000 (one time payment):
TERMINAL SUPPORT: $1.000 per month;
MOBILE AND WEB TERMINAL SUPPORT: $750 per month for each product (optional solution).


COMMISSION: 0.3% of the traded volume; the minimum commission is $1.000 per month;
Bridge MT4/MT5: free of charge


SET UP: $5.000 (one time payment)
SUPPORT: $1.500 per month