Cryptocurrency Liquidity

We are the first company in the Blockchain community that professionally engages in the creation of crypotocurrency brokers/exchanges and the distribution of crypto currency liquidity. We bear a huge benefit to the BlockChain community and create liquidity in this market.


Cryptocurrency liquidity allows to buy and sell a sufficient amount of crypotocurrency at any time. We aggregate the largest crypotocurrencies in terms of capitalization, for which there is demand and supply. Accordingly, liquidity is the presence of a permanent volume of orders on the market (on exchanges).

Why it is necessary to connect to crypto liquidity? The answer is simple -- high commission. If we talk about the crypotocurrency market, then the commissions are so high that it is possible to easily earn on them.

There are two areas of crypotocurrency liquidity: physical supply and marginal trading.

The difference lies in the fact that market trading exchanges one asset for another. Market exchange trading is the purchase/sale of an asset with physical delivery.

Marginal trading allows you to work with the leverage and conduct arbitrage-conversion transactions without the delivery of the underlying asset.

We have developed and launched the aggregator of crypotocurrency liquidity. We aggregate out liquidity from the five largest crypto-exchanges. From now on, banks, hedge funds, brokerage companies, stock exchanges, financial institutions and professional traders have the ability to execute orders at the best prices through the B2BX aggregator, FIX API and any other trading platforms.


1. Trading account in B2BX. Via our aggregator B2BX for marginal trading on MT5 and physical delivery via TickTrader.

2. Getting liquidity on the FIX|API. We open for a single marginal account in the B2BX aggregator with depth of the market. B2BX aggregator is in fact, a crypto-exchange, on which we aggregate all orders from the largest exchanges, broker companies and other financial institutions. For Brokers which are using MT4/MT5, B2Broker provides Bridge (gateway) for free.

3. Via Whitelabel Mt5.

4. OTC market- Over-the-counter transactions by agreement.



Minimum Deposit: $20.000;
Commission: Marginal trading with a 1:3 leverage without swaps; we offer 18 pairs of 6 major cryptocurrencies with a commission of 0.3%


Minimum Deposit: $20.000;
Commission: 0.3% of traded volume; the minimum commission is $1.000 per month;
Bridge MT4/MT5: Free of charge

WhiteLabel MT5

Cost: $6.000 (one time payment)
Terminal Support: $1.000 per month;
Mobile Web Terminal Support: $750 per month for each product (optional solution)

OTC Market

Commission: Starts from 3% depending on amount and methods.