Cryptocurrency Exchanger

Crypto-exchanger is actually a trader's room, where customers can open personal electronic accounts nominated in different currencies. A crypto-exchanger can be integrated and take exchange rates from any exchange of client's choice.

Clients can replenish electronic accounts using any fiat and cryptocurrencies (rubles, dollars, euros, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and any electronic accounts) and then change them at the rate of any exchange to any fiat cryptocurrency.

Crypto-exchanger takes commission set by the administrator from clients.

Our Trader's room is integrated with all known payment systems on the market (Netteler, Skrill, E-payments, B2BinPay, Capitalist, OkPay, PayZa, AliPay, WeChat, etc).

The Trader's room is integrated with all main BlockChain nodes, which allow you and your clients to receive and send deposits in any cryptocurrency.

The Trader's room can use any financial institutions (Brokerage Company, Payment system, PSP, Electronic wallet, Hedge fund and any E-commerce company).

B2Broker integrated a profile module and customer verification module and it has a full administrative module for management and reporting system in Trader's room.

Transactions are carried out almost instantly, which helps to withdraw any currency and cryptocurrency into client's electronic wallet.


Set up fee: $5.000
Monthly support: $2.000