Cryptocurrency Exchange "Turnkey"

Cryptocurrency exchange is intended for physical purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. Using cryptocurrency exchange, we give customers the ability to exchange one asset for another. For example, a client can change dollars to any electronic currency or cryptocurrency.

Our cryptocurrency exchange offers 18 different pairs by default based on the top 6 cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies can be traded for different pairs: for dollars, for euros, for rubles and between cryptocurrencies.


1. License/registration (legal/base)
The license allows clients to accept and withdraw fiat money from banks and other payment systems. There is only one license that is appropriate for these is JFSA. Crypto-exchanges can be registered in America, Sweden, London and Switzerland. However, if you do not plan to accept and withdraw money in the fiat currencies, as well as connect any payment systems then there is no need in any licenses, company registration and regulation.

2. Trader's room with a brand new crypto-exchanger function
The Trader's room is divided into the front-office and the back-office. Basically, the front office is needed for customers, which allows them to complete the registration process, verify themselves, open a stock account, download a platform and make transactions. Whereas, the back office has the administration module and allows managers to monitor and manage clients. There are more than 30 payment systems integrated in our traders' room, as well as, we have an integration with several platforms, which allows clients to open exchange accounts for physical exchange, and accounts for marginal trading.

3. Aggregator and order matching
This module allows client to aggregate liquidity from different stock exchanges/suppliers of cryptoliquidity and match the limit and market orders from all customers. If you do not plan to take an aggregator and matching, it is possible to use the WhiteLabel aggregator B2BX.

4. Trading platform - TickTrader
TickTrader is designed for physical exchange of assets. This platform has three variations:

1. The Web platform - this platform is set by default;
2. Platform for Windows;
3. Mobile application for Android.

At the moment, the main cryptocurrency exchanges have begun to provide the marginal trading. For marginal trading, we recommend using MT5, because it has all the variations of platforms (desktop, Windows, Mac and mobile platforms). It is very well implemented the function of margin trading in currencies and cryptocurrencies.

5. Cryptocurrency liquidity
We aggregate the 5 largest crypto-exchanges, providing in this way a deep market depth of anonymous liquidity. Thus, the broker receives the best prices on the principle of BBO (best bid offer), on which it is possible to set any markup of his/her choice.


License/Registration - JFSA

Cost: On request - It consists: Company, license, bank account, business plan;
Requirements: We can provide several licensing options (Georgia, Estonia, Mauritius), office, internal/external audit and accounting.

Trader's Room with the function of Cryptocurrency Exchanger

Set Up: $5.000 (one-time payment);
Support: $1.500 per month.

Aggregator and order matching

Set up: $2.000 (one time payment);
Monthly fee: 0.05% of the traded volume;
Minimum commission: 4.000 per month.

Trading Platform - TickTrader

Set up: $4.000 - WEB terminal (one time payment);
$3.000 desktop and mobile version (optional solution).

Monthly support: $3.000 for the trading server;
$2.000 for the WEB terminal;
$1.000 for desktop and mobile version (optional solution).

Cryptocurrency liquidity (optional solution)

Minimal deposit: $20.000;
Commission: 0.3% of the volume of any transactions; the minimum commission - $1.000 per month.